What you see above is just a small sample of what you can do with remixing, although we don’t see remixing much in graphic design you can see remixing being heavily implicated in the film and music industry, mostly Youtube.
Youtube already has millions upon millions of videos and believe it or not, most of that content is just remixes and mashups of trending songs and movies.
What you see above is the mashup of ‘The Next Episode’ by Snoop Dogg and Dr Drei and ‘Big Shake’ Commercial.
The Next Episode song is just one of many songs that is considered to be remixing staple amongst youtubers due to it’s popular line ‘Smoke Weed Everyday’ which can be incorporated into almost any situation imaginable and it doesn’t even need to be mashed up with a song!

Myself, I love mashups, I refuse to listen to ‘normal’ songs now while I work on projects if it isn’t a cover or a mashup which leads to my next discussion about covers, my view on cover tracks that are an artist’s version of a popular song is that it has to be something pretty unique and different to the original creator to earn my respect. A Youtuber that goes by the name Smooth McGroove is the PERFECT example of this, he covers popular and not so popular video game soundtracks but not by using instruments, he uses his voice and body to flawlessly replicate chiptunes, ambient tracks and just regular instruments.

Now as a graphic designer I am inspired by trending design techniques and finished art applications but not enough to consider my work to be ‘remixed’, A good example of remixing and design are definitely tied with advertising in the way the need to consider what songs work best to sell their product, the video below was shown during the superbowl, not only are millions of people watching the superbowl but they have also watched Gangnam Style by PSY so this ad would have definitley caught their attention.

2 thoughts on “D-D-D-DROP THE BASS

  1. anthonyborg says:

    This post is t-t-t-terrific! #sweg

  2. marcusb17 says:

    Interesting work. Had a good laugh.

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