Italian Culture, This is why we are so twisted.


‘Mum? Do you need any help?’
‘No it’s okay, I got this’
-a minute later-
*mum sighs*

When Mum sighs that’s it, DROP EVERYTHING and help her even if she said she doesn’t need help and then when you go to help her she says you are doing it wrong and to not worry about it.

I am Rocco Guiseppe Logozzo, as you probably gather from my name I am indeed from an Italian background, My parents’ parents where born in Italy and my parents were born here in Australia. My dad’s side comes from Calabria and my Mum’s side comes from Sicily.
Over here in Australia we have a quite a bit of cousins on both sides but over seas there are so many relatives I have lost count, there are cousins in Italy, New York and even a cousin who is living out in a little cottage in Switzerland!

Now that you know a little a bit about my Italian heritage let me tell you a bit about our ‘traditions’.
Most of my Italian heritage revolves around my Mum’s side as my Dad’s side is a bit ‘tight’ but that’s what you get from Calabria.
Now one thing you NEED to know is that my Nonna (Mum’s Mum) is a witch in a good way, something my own mother inherited too, they know EVERYTHING and have an answer to everything.
If you are feeling sore in the stomach or got an infection, the remedies that Mum and Nonna need to make you feel better are Lemons, Salt, Oil, Vinegar, Marsala, Water and Honey.
If you have a sore ear then put some oil in it, infected toe? then bathe you feet in a warm salt bucket, Laryngitis? then heat up some Water, Lemon and Honey and you will be as good as new.
Mum is the best

But in saying that, Mum and Nonna can be scary.
Growing up as a child if Nonna and Mum didn’t want me and my cousins to go to a certain place or touch a fragile object we were told that if we did what we wanted a Monster would come and take us away or hurt us! Another ‘threat’ was that the objects were poo and considered yucky.
In short, if Mum and Nonna said DANGER, YOU BETTER COOPERATE.

Another thing I have come to learn in an Italian household is to do something productive with you talents what ever that may be because if you don’t then your whole family will know you to be a slacker or lazy and somehow American and Italian relatives will know. If you have them on facebook then constantly update your status with interesting stuff like new design work and they will think you are some successful designer.
My family is basically my first point of reference to see if my design whatever it may be is good because if they don’t like it then no one will.

One thought on “Italian Culture, This is why we are so twisted.

  1. Melanie Gibson says:

    Dear Rocco, this is excellent! You have a fresh and engaging writing style that is easy to read and enjoy. That said please enhance this post by researching Italian graphic artists who have a similar creative practice to yours. Include pictures and references. Alternately research designers or artists who’s hertitage influences their art.

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