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Those words sound familiar? Well they should, if it’s not Youtube that has changed their layout then it’s Facebook, or perhaps Twitter? or maybe even MySpace (Oh yeah, that’s dead)

Nothing stays around forever offline so why should it stay forever online? Our favorite social network sites or just ‘sites’ are constantly changing whether you like it or not, just look at Google, what started out as a simple search engine turned into something that some people depend and rely on with their E-mails- I mean G-Mails.
Google now has the ability to show you where the area you live in looks like via Google Map, Have one central account to subscribe to your favorite videos via Youtube, Social Network with your friends via Google+ and Hangouts, EVEN Reverse Image serach PHOTOS by simply dragging an image file into google’s image search!
Where the heck would we find anything on the net if Google wasn’t around? For the majority of Internet users we have grown to live with Google, Google is our parents, Well- Google is Mum, If you don’t know the answer to something then Mum will miraculously find it for you like your phone that you misplaced and looked everywhere for and then Mum tells you it’s in your pockets and it is when it really wasn’t, Yeah, Google is a witch.

Look below, For my next little rant I had to rely on my trusty default search Google just to find the site.

ss (2014-05-27 at 10.33.19)

So, Let’s take a trip through to see what Google was when it first started up.
This is all the hits the site has THROUGHOUT HISTORY!

ss (2014-05-27 at 10.38.42)
Ummm, That can’t be right, according to this site was first captured in 1998!
But it is right, unfortunately it just looks like one of those domains that are taken and just have Welcome to! and nothing else. No Rainbow Logo yet folks, time to dig a bit further in time to see when our friend really became the Google we know and love.

ss (2014-05-27 at 10.43.10)

Now doesn’t that just want to make you vomit!, Google was first active late 1998 on December 2nd (well that’s when it was captured with that glorious rainbow logo)
I’m interested to see just where in time Google lost it’s BETA status and went live officially.

ss (2014-05-27 at 10.48.22)

So February 21st 1999 marked the day where Google lost that ugly blue bar on the bottom but it is still in BETA.

ss (2014-05-27 at 10.51.21)
October 12th 1999 was when Google officially launched and lost their BETA title, seems like the logo was lost in time too because I cannot load it no matter how much I refresh.
A few captures in the timeline are broken so it is impossible to know what Google was like on those dates.
I am clicking and clicking on dates but no logo has risen from the grave since it dropped BETA status, my theory is that those logos that change daily like with extra graphics or a photo are these lost images and have officially died off the web. Some things we just can’t bring back from the grave not even on the Internet.

I know everyone knows what our current Google looks like but as a sign off let’s just admire how far it has come.

Thanks for reading.

ss (2014-05-27 at 11.03.33)

And just my luck today is a ‘themed’ day, GOD DANG IT GOOGLE.

One thought on “The Internet, Like, Comment and Subscribe.

  1. Melanie Gibson says:

    Dear Rocco, I really like this piece. However please modify a little with a short statement about how changes in the web have influenced interface design.

    What challenges have graphic designers faced while creating website interfaces? How do metaphors play a role in website, mobile device and web application design? How has the technology changed the way we create web interfaces?

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