Hello there! I am Rocco Logozzo and I make things with my mind!

I am a 23 year old freelance graphic designer who just loves to pour the thoughts of my mind into a stunning visual whether it be a logo or a brand new product, I am just passionate about design.

I have been studying the world of graphic design for a good 5+ years exploring design problems within signage, branding, typography, etc.

I have been sketching and doodling who knows what on paper since I was born, creating things has been my bread and butter since day one.

So, YOU THERE, Join my journey within this website as I showcase design work I have finished and proud of and currently working on.

If you have a design need, please click on the contact tab at the top of this page in order to reach me and we can chat about it. My services include Brand Making and Logo Design, I am able to supply you a solution digitally and if you are in Melbourne Metro I can coordinate printing solutions as well.